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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

scribe for day #3

hmm lets see we started off the day doing some questions dealing with limits, as we plowed through the questions, we were brought upon 6 limit forumlas. they're pretty pointless to know i agree strongly! and yet i still dont know why we will appreciate them later on.. =\ but they are as followed..

PG 39 in the Senior Four Calculus : Unit 1 Limits booklet.

next scribe is temesgan

Français/French Deutsch/German Italiano/Italian Português/Portuguese Español/Spanish 日本語/Japanese 한국어/Korean 中文(简体)/Chinese Simplified Nederlands/Dutch


Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Excellent summary of the 6 limit properties! A great use of graphics!

This scribe post would have been even better if you had copied one or two of the more difficult examples we went over in class and included their solutions.

Nonetheless, this is a good scribe!

Well done Calvin!

15/2/06 09:22  

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