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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


In todays class we started with a quiz as usual. And Mr.k wrote 4 question on the board which's similar to the question below:

And if you were ask to write the equation of the line tangent to f(x) first thing to do:
  • find the slope of the tangent
  • (1,y) find the y value by substituting the 1 into the equation
  • which in this case is y value = 15
  • (1,15) and slope m=8
  • Use the y-y=m(x-x) to write the equation

Page 30-36 was assigned for homework and page 16 in the blue booklet. Next scribe is calvinw.

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Blogger Lani said...

Hi Temesgen,

Good to read your scribe for today.

I found this on Sarah’s Peer Help Blog. Do you think it might be helpful in your calculus studies?

Here is the link.


21/3/06 20:14  

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