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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sribe Day# 1

Okays, this will be my second scribe because, I did one for precal40. Oh joy was that fun, but now I have a rough idea of how to start one off and keep going with it. So let's begin.

So, in today's class, (February 8th), we got the quiz back from Mr. K. We didn't do too great. Mr. K was disappointed, but told us "don't worry about what you got, just put your effort in". So, we went over a few questions, none of the material on that quiz was new. It was all review, and a test on algebra skills. So, we forgot everything. I failed and... I failed. Not fun, but after seeing the corrections, everything fell in place and started making sense all over again. So, we didn't really learn anything at all. Except the fact, we forget pretty fast and that, the thing Mr. K was talking about, the forgetting curve theory was proven. So, since nothing was learned, this scribe is only to say that, we learned nothing today, except review. Sorry for the short scribe, but I don't have really anything else to say.

The next scribe maker will be Temesgan.

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Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Van, I really appreciate the honesty with which you write, but I've got to tell you -- I wasn't disappointed one bit. ;-)

Every class I've ever had has done poorly with that diagnostic test. Nothing happened today that I wasn't expecting. The purpose of the exercise was for each of you to identify which areas of algebra you need to work on and for me to find out as well. Now we can work together to strengthen your skills. I see this as all good news.

You said in your scribe post that you learned nothing today; I don't see it that way at all. I think you all learned a LOT. Sure, much of it was review, but if you had forgotten it, well, now you've relearned it. That's a good thing.

If you listed all the things we went over today in your scribe post you would see how much you learned. Reviewing is also a type of learning -- an important type of learning.

8/2/06 22:19  

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