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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Quiz and assignment

So, at the start of class, we started out by doing a small homework check. Except, Mr. K didn't want to do it. So he pushed it off for the next class. Instead, he proposed we have a homework QUIZ. 6 questions copied STRAIGHT from the homework book. I forgot the 1st question. 2nd, 3rd and 4th (2. A,B and C) were all factoring questions. 5th and 6th question I also forgot. Sorry Mr. K. So, after a "10 minute" quiz (it was really 40 minutes), Mr. K handed out a sheet that has 2 graphs involved. Evaluating Limits as they reach a certain coordinate. 18 questions. We didn't finish by the end of class, so we continue to work on it the next day. Sorry for the short entry, I didn't realize I was still supposed to do the post. Just hit me now =P that's why I forgot the questions. Sorry Mr. K!

Also the next Scribe will be Calvin

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