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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scribe for tuesday Feb 28

Sorry for such a huge delay, I didn't know I was scribe for this day. CALVIN didn't TELL me, so I never knew. Some help he was. Anyways, on to the scribe.

So, for that day, we started off the class by having Mr.K tell Calvin and I about how homework is important, and that, you will fail if we don't do it. We nod and agree and so on. So, we sketch graphs, 3 different graphs, and they all have 3 kinds of something. (sorry I forgot that word)
(I may have to edit this later, I need to talk to Mr. K about this at lunch)

1. continuous
2. jump

I'll continue this after I ask Mr. K about it at Precal-40 tomorrow. Sorry for the delay everyone.
Next scribe will be Temesgen

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