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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sorry for the delay in the post. Just been busy for the weekend. This scribe post will be for Thursday, March 16, 2006. So here I go.

We started class with a small multiple choice quiz. It consisted of 4 questions and the quiz lasts 8 minutes, and begins at the start of class.

So we discussed a tangent line.

ex. f(x) = x² @ x=3

f(3) = (3)²

= 9

f(3+h) = (3+h)²

= 9 + 6h + h²

d y = lim f(3+h) - f(3)
d x h-> 0 h

= lim 9 + 6h + h² - 9
h ->0 h

= lim 6h + h²
h ->0 h

= lim 6+h

= lim 6

There, revised. That's what I originally wanted it to look like. Sorry if it still doesn't help.

Next scribe is Temesgen

Français/French Deutsch/German Italiano/Italian Português/Portuguese Español/Spanish 日本語/Japanese 한국어/Korean 中文(简体)/Chinese Simplified Nederlands/Dutch


Blogger Lani said...


Does the information at this link help?


You can upload images in JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF or BMP format.

I look forward to reading your revised scribe.


20/3/06 12:33  
Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...


This is the best scribe yet!!

You've set a new standard. Keep up the great work!


PS Did Lani's link help?

20/3/06 21:44  

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